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XDAM Upload Tool

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XDAM Upload for Mac is the new and enhanced version of our Live Upload Tool.


The new version has the following enhancements:


New upload UI option in the Live Application.
It shows types of Folders with different graphics.
The user can scroll to view the entire tree.
It has the ability to open multiple folder branches - Divisions, Subdivisions, Projects, Parent Folders and Folders.

 *This will allow quick drag and drop to various levels in the XDAM system.



The features below were retained from the current functionality of the Live Upload tool:


Drag and Drop folders to parent folders.
Drag and Drop files to folders.
Simultaneous upload to multiple parent folders and folders.




The new upload tool does not include a local computer folder tree, download or copy/move.



Log in Page


The log in page UI remains the same with the new logo.

Enter your Server name, Account name and Password.
Click Connect.






New User Interface


The icon highlighted is the new upload UI option. This will launch the folder tree of a particular division.




Expanding the folder tree will let you drill down to a specific file.






Uploading a File or a Folder


Drag and Drop the file to a folder.




Drag and Drop a folder to a Parent Folder.




NOTE: You can launch the progress bar by clicking the Upload Status button on the top right corner of the window.