Top Tool Bar Overview

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Top Tool Bar Overview

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The Top Tool Bar allows you to apply changes on selected number of assets at the same time. To apply changes, select multiple assets by putting a check mark then select one of the icons in the tool bar.




The table below describes the functionality of each tool.




Reprocess Tool

Use this tool to queue assets to have its thumbnails reprocessed.

Upload and Download

Use this tool to upload and download assets to project.

Modify Collection

Used to add assets from one collection to another.

Instant Send

Use this tool to send assets to recipients.

Copy or Move

Use this tool to copy or move an asset(s) to another division, subdivision, project, folder and subfolder.

Compare Image

Use this tool to view selected assets side by side for comparison.

Print Proof Sheet

Used this to send recipients print proof sheet of selected assets.


Use this tool to rename a single or group of assets.

Rotate Left or Right

Use this tool to rotate the orientation of an asset(s).

Lock Images

Use this tool to secure assets from being edited.

Delete Images

Use this tool to delete assets.

Hide Flags

*Use this tool to show or hide other user's approval flags.


Use this tool to sort files in your folders.




* Flags are approvals assigned to an asset. The Flag Selected drop down is used to filter your assets as No Ranking, Approved, Approved with changes or Disapproved.