Administrator Task: Approvals Setup

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Administrator Task: Approvals Setup

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The Approvals workflow has been redone to allow a more streamlined interface for the User to do their approvals.



Approval Status light indicators


Each step of the Approval process is tracked and easily determined via status lights in the Approvals section of the Dashboard



BLACK - For Users who have been added to a Project but have not yet been given access to any Gallery.




RED - For Users who have been given access to a Gallery.




YELLOW - For Users who have logged in and killed (disapproved) at least one asset but has not yet selected the "Submit" button.




GREEN - For Users who have clicked Submit on all assigned Galleries.





Administrator Task:

How to assign a User to the Approval process?


I.Create an Approval Gallery


1. Select assets to be copied from the Folder to a Gallery.

2. Drag and Drop them to the selected Gallery.





II. Add a User to the Project in the Dashboard View of XDAM.


1.Click the gear icon in the Project Team section.




2. Click the "Add Team Member" button.




3. Select from the Role dropdown list, choose Talent.

4. Select from the User dropdown list.

5. Hit "Save".






Notice that the User you just added is now in the Approvals section with a BLACK circle indicator. The BLACK circle indicates that you have yet to provide access to the User on a Gallery.





III. Notifying the User


1.Click the "Notify" link.




2. Click "Edit Access" to provide the User an access to the Gallery that you have created.




3. Put a check mark on the Gallery name you wanted to grant the User access to. It is optional to set an expiration date.

4. Click "Notify Selected".




5. Click "Close" and an email will be sent to the User's email address informing them that a Project is waiting to be approved.





Understanding the Kill Limits


The types of Galleries are tied to the Kill percentages. A value from 0 to 100% can be selected thru the slider. Alternatively, you can enter a value in the box.





This can be assigned during creation of Gallery






How to RESET the Talent's access?


If the User's approval has been finalized (GREEN circle before User's name) but changes needs to be done, the Administrator who assigned the User to the Project should do the following:


1. Go back to the Dashboard view of XDAM.

2. Click the gear icon in the Approvals section.




3. Click "Reset Complete Status".

4. Click "Notify Selected".



An email will be sent to the user notifying them that they have gained access to the gallery again.