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System Search

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How to do System Simple Search?


**Make sure that you are in the Search tab of XDAM.


Search for "Angela Valdes" in the system. Type the search word in the search field then click on the magnifying glass icon.




Under Simple Search, the system will search on all metadata fields of the assets in XDAM. Note that in our example, the system located our search word in the Keywords field.




To check the location of the asset, click on the link to "View in Subfolder". In the example, the asset selected is located in,


Division: TEST

Subdivision: TEST Subdivision

Project: Ampd 4.0 Validation

Folder: Episode 101

Subfolder: Test_Asset_Move





How to do a System Advanced Search?


Same as the example above, I will be searching for "Angela Valdes" using the Advanced Search option.


a. Click on the icon beside the Search System. You will see four window panes; Saved Search, Metadata, System Filters and Property Filters.




b. Select your filters.


Saved search is used if there are previously saved searches.


Under Metadata, I will be entering "Angela Valdes".


In the System Filters window pane, I will input the following locations:


Division: TEST
Subdivision: TEST Subdivision
Project: Ampd 4.0 Validation


In the Property Filters, I will be choosing the following filters in the dropdown:


File Type: DNG
Orientation: Landscape
File Size: 25 Meg or less


c. Click Search.


The screenshots below show that all the filters we used are all met and located one asset.


System Filters are met:



Property Filters are met:



If these filters are frequently used, the User can save this by clicking the Save button then enter a name for that search.




This saved filters should be located in the drop down in the Saved search window pane.