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Search Tab

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The XDAM's Search Tools (Simple and Advanced) are highly configurable, powered by an advanced indexing engine, able to search many millions of records rapidly, scalable to handle the largest databases.


The Search tab is used to locate specific assets based on file name, metadata and file extensions.


In addition, you may also do the following actions under this tab:




1. Simple Search

Search an asset using file name, metadata and file extensions.

    A. Type a name.

    B. Click the magnifying glass icon.

2. Advanced Search

This function saves a predetermined set of criteria.

    A. Click the icon beside the Search System.

    B. Input your preset selection.

    C. Click Save then hit Search.

3. Modify assets using the top toolbar

Use the top toolbar to modify a group of assets.

    A. Select multiple assets.

    B. Use one of the icons in the top tool bar.

4. Modify an asset using the thumbnail toolbar

Use the thumbnail toolbar to modify a specific asset.

    A. Put a check mark on an asset.

    B. Click one of the icons in the thumbnail toolbar.

5. Update Asset Information

This is used to update the metadata in the  information panel.

    A. Select an asset.

    B. Edit the information panel.




There are two types of Search in the XDAM system;


System Search - This Search feature is used to search for assets in all Divisions, Subdivisions and Projects in the system.
Project Search - This is used to search for assets within a specific Project.


Under these two types , the User can do Simple Search and Advanced Search.


To see examples, click here.