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Rapid Edit

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Rapid Edit enables the user to rapid selects that does not require the user to wait for the large preview and metadata to load in the asset viewer. This is an ultra-fast select process with minimal data loading to speed up the process. This new work space will be accessed via a new tool in the top tool bar of the asset viewer which can be used for both folder or collection.



While in the Asset Viewer;


1. Click the Folder or Collection that you would like to load then click the Rapid Edit button.





2. A new work space will be launched to preload the assets.









Rapid Edit with Dynamic Watermarking



When Dynamic Watermarking is enabled in the a User's profile, assets in the the Rapid Edit tool will be watermarked.


Note for Administrator:

How to turn on Dynamic Watremarking in the Users tab?


The dynamic watermarks will be displayed on all images in the Rapid Edit tool:


Large Preview
Focus Check