Quick Edit Panel

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Quick Edit Panel

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The Quick Edit tab allows you to quickly add an asset(s) to a collection. The check mark indicates that the selected asset is located already in those collections.




There are three action buttons highlighted in this tab;


clip0173 Persistent Highlight

clip0174 Filter

clip0175 Collection Properties


Under the Collection  properties, the User can access the Information, Search, choose Delivery option and edit Group access.


The Info Tab will give you access to rename or delete a collection. It also contains the details of a collection.




The Search Tab will allow you to add assets to a collection based on the search filters.




The Delivery Tab allows you to send out all assets added to this collection to multiple destinations via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), RSS (Rich Site Summary),  or Web services.




The Groups Tab will give you access to edit a group access.




Once inside the Asset Viewer, open quick edit by clicking the Quick Edit tab in the Info Panel. Highlight an asset by clicking on it or using your right arrow on keyboard, this should highlight the first asset.



If the selected asset is in a Collection already, you will see a check mark in the tick box before the Collection name.



In the example below, the asset (xdam 1.jpg) is also located in the following Collections:

APPROVALS | Approvals for X
APPROVALS | Approvals for Z
DELIVERY | To Client