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Project Search

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How to do a Project Simple Search?


a.Click on the Projects Tab.
b.Select the Project.
c.Enter your search word. In our example, I will use the word "extraordinary".
d.Click on the magnifying glass icon.


The below screenshot shows that the system located assets with "extraordinary" in the Metadata field (Keyword).





How to do a Project Advanced Search?


a.Click on the Projects Tab.
b.Select the Project.
c.Click on the icon beside the Search System. You will see three window panes; Saved Search, Metadata and Property Filters.




d. Select your filters.



The System Filter window pane is not present in Project Search since the system will search the asset in a specified Project.


Saved search is used if there are previously saved searches.


Under Metadata, I will be entering "ghost".


In the Property Filters, I will be choosing the following filters in the dropdown:


File Type: DNG
Orientation: Landscape
File Size: 10 Meg or less


e. Click Search.




If these filters are frequently used, the User can save this by clicking the Save button then enter a name for that search.




This saved filters should appear in the drop down in the Saved search window pane.