Print Proof Sheet

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Print Proof Sheet

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The Print Proof Sheet option lets you print or email a proof sheet of the asset(s) selected.



1. Select your asset(s).

2. Click the print proof sheet clip0950 icon in the top toolbar.


You can change the format, page elements and other options in the proof sheet.


Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Layout: Choice between 2 images up through 40 images up
Color: White or Black background
Header/Footer: Text updated with user input (30 character limit)
Info: Text updated with user input (35 character limit)
Logo: Default logo provided within the Admin Tab is now shown by default but user also has the ability to browse and replace it with their own logo.


3. Enter the email address of the recipient if you prefer to send the proofsheet or leave "Email to:" black if you opt to download it..

4. Click Download or Send.