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Metadata Template or Presets are used to quickly tag a group of metadata on to a single or multiple assets.





Identifying the Tools:




1. Dropdown list of Metadata Template or Presets available

2. Load - Load selected Template

3. Add - Add or Edit Template

4. Delete - Remove selected Template




Managing your Metadata Templates


I. Creating Templates


1. Highlight an asset.

2. Put a check mark on the metadata fields you wanted to add in the template.

3. Enter the metadata values.

4. Click the "+" symbol.

5. Enter the Name

6. Click Save Preset.


II. Append or Edit existing Templates


1. Select the template from the dropdown.

2. Click "Load selected fields from Preset".

3. Make your changes, you can either add check marks on more metadata or remove currently selected metadata.

4. Click the plus sign.

5. Select an existing template from the dropdown.

6. Click Save Preset.


III. Applying Templates


1. Highlight an asset

2. Select your template from the dropdown.

3. Click "Load selected fields from Preset".


Note: Make sure that Auto-Save is enabled or you can click the Save button to apply the Template.


IV. Deleting the Templates


1. Select the template from the dropdown

2. Click the trash bin icon.



To apply a Metadata Template to more than one asset, use Batch Update.