How to Kill or Disapprove assets?

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How to Kill or Disapprove assets?

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The Approval process has been revised to be straightforward and more intuitive. This tool will make collaborative work more fluid.



When an Administrator assigns a User to a Project, they will receive an email containing the direct link to the Gallery and login information.






Understanding the User Interface





Help - A walk through of the interface will be launched.
Approval Galleries - Container of assets that are assigned to the User.
Keyboard Shortcuts - A cheat sheet of the shortcut keys will be launched.
View Options - Toggle between Film Strip View, Full Size View and Grid View
Rank - This button will "Kill or Disapprove" the selected asset.
Comment - Add notes for collaboration. (May not be available for all users)
Kill Counter - View the gallery ranking limits.
Jump to - Click the asset number and enter another to jump to a specific asset.
Submit - Final step in the approval process. This will send an email to the Administrator as notification.
Filter (Showing All) - Choose between Show All, Show Unranked or Show Kill




View Options for Mobile are Full Size and Grid View only



Mobile - Full View
Mobile - Full View


Mobile - Grid View
Mobile - Grid View



Approval Process


1.Log in as User.
2.Click the Gallery you will be working on.
3.Optionally, you can select from the different View Options.
4.Select an asset.
5.You can enter notes using the Comments tool.
Web View Interface
Web View Interface
Mobile Interface
Mobile Interface


6."Kill or Disapprove" an asset by clicking the thumbs down icon. (Killed assets will have a red tint)


Web View Interface
Web View Interface
Mobile Interface
Mobile Interface


7.Finalize the process by clicking Submit.




8. Do the same steps on the other Galleries assigned to you.


After completing your approvals, the Galleries will disappear from your left panel and interface will show you are "All Done".




9. Click Logout.