Managing the Users Tab

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Managing the Users Tab

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Create - This will let you set up a new user and manage the user's permission. (For Administrators Only)


1. Click clip0861.

2. Supply the User information.

3. Click Create.



To fit a headshot properly in the window, we recommended to use a 160x160 size photo.





Disable a User


Two ways to disable a User/s:

Disable a single or multiple Users in the User list page:

 1. Select the Users or Users you wanted to disable.

 2. Click the Disable Selected button.


Disable User in the User Contact page

 1. Click on the User's name to enter the Contact page.

 2. Click the Disable button on the right corner of the page.



You can filter the list of your Users as to Disabled and Active (Enabled). Simply click the drop-down for this option and click on the Search button.




Search clip0863


Type a name then press Search.






You may filter the list of your Users by clicking the drop-down then click Search.

Disabled or Enabled Users
Letters beginning






You may sort your table by clicking on the headers.