Managing Folders & Collections

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Managing Folders & Collections

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Folder and Collection Properties


To the right of every Collection or Folder is a Properties icon (represented by a blue gear). Simply hover your mouse to the Collection or Folder and the properties icon will appear.


clip0565 clip0566



Folder Properties


Accessing Folder properties will let you;


Delete the Folder - The folder should be free from assets before this function will work.
Rename the Folder
Upload assets to the Folder





Collection Properties


Function tabs under Collection properties:


Info - General Collection information
Search - Activates Smart Search
Delivery - Select a Delivery option (FTP, RSS or Web Service)
Groups - Group information of a Collection


You can also;


Tag the Collection as Favorite
Delete the Collection
Rename the Collection





Understanding Collection Feeds


Smart Search: gives you the ability to do a keyword search on an asset name and will “feed” the results into a Collection.



This method is highly recommended to use with Source Filters.


Example: I am currently in the “RSS Feed Test” Personal Collection I created within XDAM Validation Project. I click on the blue gear icon then click on the Search tab. The following filters will help you narrow your search results.

Metadata Filters - this is where you will enter your Search term
I will enter the search term "Animals" in this box
Source Filters - this will filter a particular Division, Subdivision and Project
I can leave these as is, which means it will search every Division, Subdivision and Project for “Animals” or
I can also click “Edit” to specify one or more Divisions/ Subdivisions/Projects to narrow my search range.
Collection Filters - this will filter a particular Collection
I will leave this blank for our example
Properties(Updates) - this will manually or automatically start my search (every 10 minutes it will search for “Animals”)
I will set this to Manual for our example




After clicking Save, note that a magnifying glass icon is now seen beside the RSS Feed Test Collection. This icon denotes that we  have set up a Smart Search and assets with "Animals" is now being fed into the Collection:





Types of Deliveries


These are methods on how to send out all assets added to a collection to multiple destinations.


RSS - Rich Site Summary


How to set a Collection Smart Search to a RSS feed:


a.Choose the blue gear icon to the right of our Collection.
b.Click on the Delivery Tab.
c.Select +New for RSS.
d.Place a check mark on "Enable".
e.Set Login to No Login. (It can be set to "Require Login" for security)
f.Choose “Save” button


See screen capture below:




After clicking Save, the system will generate a RSS link that you can Copy and Paste to a browser that supports it to view the assets.




Testing the URL:





Notice that we now have two (2) Indicators beside the RSS Feed Test Collection.


Magnifying Glass - Smart Search
Arrow - Feed



FTP – File Transfer Protocol

Destination URL: will be the hostname of your ftp server.
oAn example of common formats used is:
If you have a specific folder you have created on your FTP server that you would like the assets delivered too, you need to specific that location.
oAs an example if you create a subfolder on your server called “Image” then you’re Destination URL would be .
For the User: (Username) and Pass: (Password) fields contact your System Administrator for the proper values to use.





Web Service(SOAP Request):

Contact your System Administrator for the settings.        
To learn more on this procedure, you may visit




Managing Collections

The "double gear" icon will let you manage your Collections.




Notice that the Smart Search and Feed in the RSS Feed Test Collection that we have performed in our example are highlighted in the screen capture.



General Overview of your Manage Collections page


Favorites clip0587 - Add the Collection to your Favorites
Collection Name
Smart Search - Perform Smart Search for another Collection
Smart Delivery
Set the Collection to be viewable in Photobank or Ad Site
Clear the content of a Collection
Delete an Entire Collection
Edit the Group access of a Collection