General Overview

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General Overview

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What is XDAM?


XDAM was established in 2002 by digital workflow professionals in the Entertainment Industry and has been at the forefront of Asset Management for over 10 years, with a Fortune 100 / 500 client base that encompasses a wide range of industries, including Publishing, Entertainment, Advertising, Product / Retail, Stock Photography, and Media.


An Enterprise-Class, Multi Media, Digital Asset Management System with a range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.


It provides workflow critical solutions, including Project & Team Management, Upload, Review,Edit, Approvals, Task Notifications, Metadata, Retouch Notes, Instant File Delivery, File Broadcasting, Brand Asset Distribution Portal and Asset Sales Portal.


It enables your multi-media workflow for images, video, audio, etc… with support for over 200 file types including advanced Raw Image files, Layered Tiff & PSD and Multipage Pdf.






What can XDAM do for me?


XDAM empowers your company with the tools needed to get the job done, and provides real-world solutions for high paced, high volume and high demand asset management.




Standardize your workflow

The project structure, user roles, metadata, and asset workflows can be configured to match your ideal workflow, helping you standardize your key processes and implement your company's best practices.

Expedite project completion

Its simplicity and end to end feature set removes process gaps, helps users complete tasks in less time, strengthens team collaboration, and expedites project completion.

Enhance the creative process

Enhances the creative processes by providing a simplified UI for sharing concepts, samples, creative briefs, casting data, location scouting, and remote art direction.

Speed your assets to market

It has efficient workflow tools speed your assets though your workflow processes, so you spend less time "managing" your assets, and more time in-market. The first to market wins!

Improve project visibility

The advanced web access provides global, online, real-time visibility into your projects and assets, enabling quicker review, assessment and response to any workflow need.

Save time and money

It economizes overall production and IT costs by reducing a user's time spent on projects and by lowering support & license fees from providing a wide range, customizable, all-in-one solution.

Monetize your assets

Provides full stock sales capability via the Asset Sales Portal, as an integrated optional module, enabling the sale of gallery quality prints and file download licenses, with customizable rights management.

Integrate with new and legacy systems

Its open architecture and advanced integration capability enables data and asset sharing between new and legacy systems, offering the opportunity to create process and IT efficiencies.

Add business critical functionality

The custom development services and advanced API functionality enable the addition of your business critical functionality, giving you an open growth path, with certainty of viable long product life.




How does XDAM do it?


XDAM's rich feature-set provides a wide range of workflow solutions, to help implement, control and expedite your ideal workflow from Concept to Archive, and beyond.