Drag & Drop Upload Tool

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Drag & Drop Upload Tool

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The Upload Tool allows "Drag & Drop" of assets directly in the Asset Viewer or Folder panel.



No "Pop-up" security warnings to enable upload.
Drag & Drop support from Desktop for Mac Finder / Windows Explorer.





Drag & Drop support directly into Subfolder in Folder Panel.





Upload Pop-up box available for those times you want to upload large quantities or large sized files and continue to navigate around the system.





Status Bar in Asset Viewer or Pop-up Upload box to monitor progress of upload file count , current file being uploaded, upload percentage of current file and cancel "X" if you wish to stop the upload.





Limitation Notes:

Folder "Drag & Drop" is currently  supported in Chrome browser only. Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox are not supported at this time due to security restrictions within these browsers.
If User is uploading via Asset Viewer "Drag & Drop" UI, they must remain in the same Project until the upload completes. If User leaves the upload in progress, it will cancel.