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The Collections tab is an overview of all your personal collections. Group collection is a personal collection that you have given another user access to. The Project Collections are not shown here in this tab.


Note to Administrators and High Level users (moving assets through your workflow):


Collections are Symbolic Links to the original uploaded assets that DO NOT TAKE UP STORAGE SPACE. It allows full editing capability that will transcend back up to the original assets.


When you create your workflow, we recommend using collections instead of folders whenever possible.





Your Photographer will upload all of their shoots into a folder called “Originals”.  Another team member can select the best photos from that shoot and drag them into a  “Selects” collection.

Your Photo Editor can go into their Selects collection and move them into an “Edit” collection and make any necessary edits to the assets and move them into an “Approvals” collection.


The action of moving assets into collections in this manner do not require any additional storage space since they are linked to the assets in the originals folder. This will also keep the best possible performance for your users. On the other hand, if you create folders instead of collections and move those same assets to the Selects/Edits folders you would  put unnecessary load on your server and increase your storage exponentially.


Use Collections!






Your Personal Collection is also accessible from within the Asset Viewer of a Project.