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Collection Panel

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Collection is an assembly of assets that has been added to your Projects or Personal Collection based on the User role logged in. The Collection Panel  is where you can view the assets assigned to you or create your Personal Collection. This can be your Project and Personal Collections.



Two ways in viewing Collections

Collections Window (Left Pane)
Collections tab





A. Filter "Favorite" collections

B. Filters the collections

C. Manage the collections

D. Create a new collection



clip1287_zoom89 Filter "Favorite" Collections




This is a shortcut to filter all your favorite Collections or "starred" collections.




clip0334 Filter Collection





The “To:” field when you select the "Date Range" filter is based off a date but the time which isn’t shown is always 12:00AM. So if you want to search for collections between 10-6-2014 and 10-7-2014, then you would need to use 10-8-2014 to cover the prior date since again the time on the date range field is 12:00AM.



clip0335 Manage Collection




In this window, the User can manage his Project and Personal Collections.


Add to Favorites
Feed the assets to Photobank
Clear the contents of a Collection
Delete the container folder of the Collection
Smart Search
Smart Delivery



clip0336 Add a New Collection