Metadata Panel Auto Complete

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Metadata Panel Auto Complete

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The Metadata Panel Auto Complete feature was designed to allow quick captioning to speed up applying Metadata within XDAM. When a user types and saves data into the Metadata field and then later begins to type similar words in another asset you will be presented with a list of previously typed choices to select in the form of a drop down menu.






Important Notes to remember:


After typing at least 3 characters you will be presented with past descriptions that contain the word you are typing.
As you begin to type additional characters, it will automatically narrow down the list to only provide results in which contain the same characters in the same order you are typing them.
The list provided will only show previous captions that you typed, not other users.
If there are entries you would like to remove from being presented in the future you can click the red X to the far right to delete the line item.
To select an entry in the list, you either click on the entry with your mouse cursor or use the UP and Down arrow keys to highlight and then press <Enter> key to select.
This feature currently works on all fields except those with dropdown options.