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The Approvals window displays the Users and a summary of his pending tasks and/or accomplished tasks in a project.


The colored dot (in this example - BLACK) represents different states in the Approval process.


BLACK - The Talent has been added to the Project.
RED - The Talent has been notified but has not yet started working on the Project.
YELLOW - The Talent has already opened the Project but is not yet finished.
GREEN - The Talent is done Approving the Project he has been assigned to.




To notify a Talent, click the Notify button, update the window below and hit Notify Selected. The message in this notification is customizable for a more efficient communication.



Aside from sending notification to the talent; you can also edit the access of the user. Click the gear icon clip0224 then click the Edit Access button. Put a check mark on the folder(s) you wanted to provide access to. It is also optional to indicate an expiration date to this task and finally, hit Save.











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